Coaster Enthusuasts of Canada

CEC Main Site
for 2017

See the individual sections for what's new regarding
Closed Canadian Parks Updates and CEC Midway Updates.

                                July 17

1/ Simplified the layout of the  Fair Books Reference page.

				April 17

1/ Darkened the background in the  CEC Books Reference Introduction 
 for better contrast with the text.
2/ Updated the text in the above.

                                February 14

1/ Altered the layout of Significant Dates and changed the background
2/ Added more events (both old and recent) to Significant Dates.

                                February 13

1/ For each page within these Main CEC Page categories,  
the backgrounds were changed: 

2/ Made slight updates and layout corrections to each page in the above
two categories.

                                February 11

1/ Updated rankings in Top Amusement Parks to 2015.

                                February 8

1/ Updated Park Etiquette with new information.
2/ Added a graduated-fill background to the menu in Park Etiquette.

                                February 6

1/ Updated Park Hints with new information.
2/ Fixed incorrect html coding in Park Hints.
3/ Restructured some of the layout in Park Hints.
4/ Added a graduated-fill background to the menu in Park Hints.
5/ Moved The "Bullet" from Coasters of the Present to
 Coasters of the Past in all relevent categories.
6/ Removed a navigational ambiguity on the CEC Main Page.
7/ Added a "Skip" shortcut to the Master Index.
8/ Changed the background on several of the oldest pages to a
 Blue Weave, as seen here.


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