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  Come Stroll The Midway ! (Image Right: Carnival Barker with a Cane and Straw Hat


(Image: Clubhouse)
  •     Displayed here is a roster of Coaster Clubs and Organizations affiliated with The Amusement Park Industry.
  •     Stop by if you are interested in using Amusement Rides to teach Physics or other Concepts. Also here, are Courses related to the Amusement Industry.

(Image: Exhibition Entrance)
  •     The grounds are devoted to World's Fairs and other Exhibitions, both past and present. Exhibition Organizations are also included.
(Image: Fun Centre Midway)FUN CENTRE

  •     Enter here for links to Amusement and Theme Parks world wide. Some are official home pages while others are tributes to the parks by their fans.
  •     Browse the best sites on The Internet for Amusement & Theme Park Guides, Amusement Rides, Coaster Designers, and Related Topics.
INFORMATION CENTRE (Image: Information Building)

  •     On display in our new, and larger, "Twist" roof Information Centre, are Frequently Asked Roller Coaster Questions and their Answers. Also provided are Terminology, Facts on Designers, and Ride Statistics. The Usenet group "rec.roller-coaster" may be accessed here, along with websites devoted to it.

  •     We are proud of our safety record on The CEC Midway, so our rides & attractions Service Facilities are open for viewing. Learn about Park Operations and Ride Safety in here.
(Image: Polaroid Camera)

  •     Step in and enjoy Images of Amusement Parks, Roller Coasters and other Rides.
(Image: Museum Building)

  •     Enter the Museum to see Amusement Rides, Parks, and Attractions of the Past.
TRADE FAIR (Image: Trade Building)     

  •     Trying to locate the builder of a favourite ride? Want to see a list of rides and attractions made by a specific company? Displays here will lead you to various Manufacturers, Suppliers and Designers/Consultants.

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