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* Amusement Parks, Beaches *
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The CEC has disbanded. Closed Canadian Parks
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left as-is for historical purposes

You are about to explore the outdoor pleasure districts of Canada's past. Few books, articles and documentaries are available on this subject compared to the number for similar areas in Great Britain, The United States and elsewhere.

For Canada, amusement area discussions are typically part of a larger book or documentary on some other subject such as a town's history. Sadly, save for a few dedicated sources, in most cases the amusements detail is scarce.

This portion of the CEC website improves
upon that through research of:

  • Books
  • Newspaper Articles and Advertisements
  • Photographs
  • Postcards
  • Video and Film
  • Personal Recollections

    All have been drawn upon to document Canada's amusement past so as to detail it here. Many postcards have been reproduced along with photographs from generous submitions. These personal photos, plus comments from their submitters, will instill in the reader how these amusement areas affected those that experienced them and how those effects lasted long after the parks, beaches and pleasure gardens closed.

Submissions of Materials Related to Canada's Amusement Past are Welcome. They will be Fully Credited.

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Closed Canadian Parks
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Closed Canadian Parks
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Major gratitude goes to all submitters for their unselfish sharing
of information, photos and personal stories. A separate page dedicated
to these persons could have been created, but the list would be so
long that few would read it. It was chosen instead to incorporate
their names into the narratives so that readers could more accurately
associate individual contributions. In addition, this method better
shows that what is presented here is the work of many, many persons.

A huge thankyou to Tim Covell for usage of his Canadian park and
coaster research information that appears on this website. Tim's
materials now reside in the CEC archives.

Closed parks outside of Canada:
Defunct Parks

I would like to thank sitemaster Joel Styer for input
to Closed Canadian Parks.

Roller Coasters, old and new in North America:

Thanks to Chris LeReau for his input and the coaster
information used throughout these articles. He in turn
wishes to credit author Richard Munch of Pennsylvania,
U.S.A. for much of his information.

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