Coaster Enthusuasts of Canada


Tips to Make
Your Visit
More Enjoyable

This article will help you prepare for a single
day at the park or a two-week coaster tour.

    Being ready for the unexpected, and having
everything with you that you might need, will
decrease your frustration when a situation
arises where you say "If I'd only brought
this" or "I wish I'd thought of that

    Well, after reading this, you will
have brought `this' and you will
have thought of `that'!

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Your Vehicle

Keeping Cool

Items to
Take Along





Attractions Log

End of the Season


Tip:     To prevent sweaty feet, which will eventually cause chafing and blisters, wear socks with your shoes and put baby powder in both your socks and your shoes. It will absorb moisture and its anti-caking agent assures that it will remain a powder all day. This will keep your feet dry while allowing almost frictionless movement within your shoes.

Tip:     Don't get your tank topped off! The sun's heat in an open parking lot will expand the gasoline, spilling it out the filler tube and wasting it.

Tip:     When accessing keys or other items, never stand over a storm drain or near any openings or gulleys. You may lose those items to an inaccessible place.


Leanne DiLorenzo of
Ocean View, New Jersey
has the following "Keeping Cool" tips:

    Carry a couple of locking style kitchen bags. Before you leave for the park, put some ice cubes in one and a small wash cloth in the other. By mid morning the ice will be partly melted and the water from it very cold.

    Dip the wash cloth in the water and wet the back of the neck, the forehead, insides of the wrists and elbows, and backs of the knees. Return the wash cloth to the empty bag and re-seal both bags to avoid leakage.

    Any time you are near a water source, rinse out the cloth. If you buy a beverage and have ice left, go to the nearest restroom, rinse the beverage ice under clean water and replenish the ice in your bag. All of this fits comfortably in my belt pack (Waist Wallet).

  Above All, Be Aware of
Heat-Exhaustion Symptoms:

    In the extreme, these symptoms reflect heat/sun stroke, and body temperature may exceed 40 degrees C (37 degrees is normal). Cool the victim and seek medical help immediately.




Bring These With
You To the Park

  • Picture Identification
  • Money and Credit/Debit Cards
  • Health Card (Within Canada)
  • Insurance Card (Outside of Canada)
  • Tight-Fitting Hat or Cap
  • Eye Glasses with Strap
  • Sun Glasses with Strap
  • Sunblock Lotion


You may find some
of these might belong
under "Necessary Items"

  • Hotel, Locker, or Vehicle Keys
  • Spare Keys for the Above
  • Contact Lenses and Support
  • Spare Pairs of Glasses
  • Medications Card or Bracelet
  • Necessary Daily Medication
  • Insect Repellant
  • Chap Stick
  • Tissues
  • Moist Towelettes
  • Comb or Brush
  • Road Maps
  • Anti Motion-Sickness Medication or Device
  • Personal Items (Shampoo, Toothpaste, Tampons...)
  • Camera (No Selfie Sticks!)
  • Extra Film or Memory Cards
  • Spare Batteries for Electronic Devices
  • Charger for Above
  • Voltage/Connectors Adaptor
  • Waist Wallet (See Below)
  • K-Way Jacket (See Farther On)
  • Attractions Log (See Farther On)

Do not put these items in your pockets!
Pants pockets are a particular no-no.
Items will get bent, broken, or cause
you pain should you happen to land on
your keys the wrong way. Instead,
consider a Waist Wallet.


Below is a CEC Attractions Log
Designed by Rob Puchyr of Ottawa.

Exterior of
the Log

(Image: Cover of a CEC Attractions Log)

(Image: Log Interior)

Interior of the Log showing one of the three unfolded panels.



Once you have stopped visiting parks for the year,
you should tie up loose ends and wind down your
park accessories. Then for the next season, you'll
be steps closer to being ready, and actually may
eliminate some work. Here are some tips which
should help towards that end.

Doing this work now may seem tedious when all you would
rather do is to be basking in the afterglow of the season
just passed. However, a short bit of time spent here will
bring great rewards at the start of the next season when
most of your to-do items will have already been checked off!

Now See Park Etiquette
For Suggestions on How to Act
While in an Amusement Park

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