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Lagoon Park
(1902 - 1910s ?)

    A decade or so after the closure of Brighton Beach and possible closure of Manhattan Beach another park tried to make a go at The Sandwich Mineral Springs even though the sulphur had long run out. It opened on the Manhattan location, although there is some evidence that shows Manhattan ran until being changed to "Lagoon Park". John Gauthier's hotel seems to have run seasonally from the 1860s until Lagoon opened. It continued at least until the 1910s. The bath house was removed, however, as The Springs were no longer an attraction.

    June 14th, 1902 was opening day and the ads proclaimed "20 Big Attractions". These included a carousel (driven by an electric motor), a Dance Pavilion, The Electric Theater, The Meoloscope Parlour, and The Electric Tower. This last item was likely a tall illuminated obelisk, which was a popular structure in numerous Canadian parks of that era. Entertainment was provided by two bands and vaudeville acts. Also included was boating on the canal. Park admission was free, with a charge for each individual attraction.

    Additional attractions sought for the park in an April 1902 advertisement included motion-pictures, stereopticons, a ferris wheel and a roller coaster, but nothing has surfaced to show they were ever put in.

    Initial management was by Rowe and Byers, but by the following season, B. H. Rothwell had taken over and was again listed in a directory for 1904.

    Transport to Lagoon Park from Windsor was via streetcar, while an hourly ferry brought Detroit residents from the Twelfth and Twenty-Fourth Street docks.

(Image: Lagoon Park's Canal) Lagoon Park Canal
circa 19-0s

    There is not much further on this park. It was still being used as of 1909 and the original hotel was still there at that time. Detroit-area resident Mike Schulte speculates it may have continued as a trolley park for Windsor and the surrounding area. Eventually, though, it would be eclipsed by Bob-Lo Island Park.

    Thanks to Mike Schulte of the Detroit area for suggesting this park and providing information.

    Thanks to The Walkerville Times of Ontario for the Canal photo.

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