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    This is a list and review of videos known to exist about the above subjects. Some of these are contained in the CEC archives, additional titles are from magazines, video lists, and other sources. Note that most of them may no longer be available. Check your local library and also make use of the inter-library loan program. It is available at all Canadian libraries and hopefully at those in other countries. If the service is available, your local library will bring in available titles from anywhere in the country, usually at no cost. (Be sure to inquire first so there will be no surprise shipping charges.)


Video Formats and Systems

    Videos listed here are, or were, mostly released in the VHS (Video Home System) format, so tape format is not shown. The original release video system (where known) is shown after each title's copyright date, as well as any other formats in which the given production is known to have been released. Note that NTSC (National Television System (or Standards) Committee) is in use in Canada and The United States. PAL (Phase Alternate Line) is in use in The United Kingdom and Germany, while Secam (Sequential Color with Memory) is used by France and Russia. Japan and some other Asian countries may use an NHK system. Countries not mentioned use one of these systems. (If anyone from any country reading this uses another system, please e-mail so it may referenced here.)

    The video scan rate also varies from system to system. What this all means is that you cannot order a video from another country and be able to play it on your video machine unless that country uses the same video system as you. This also applies to Laser and Digital Video Discs (DVDs). Even if you bought the correct-system video player, your television still could not show it properly - so don't bother trying! (-:   (If you must have foreign videos, look into an adaptor that will enable you to play and view them.)
Video Systems are explained more fully at this site.


    The CEC does not sell videos. You must order from your own supplier. Before doing so, inquire if the title is available in your video system's standard, or ask for recommendations of dealers that may carry videos using your country's system. Likewise if you wish Beta, VHS-C, 8mm, Laser or Digital Video Disc versions, inquire. If you e-mail us we can supply you with dealers' names and addresses that specialise in some of those formats, at least for the NTSC system. Prices shown here are generally for video tape. DVD or other formats may be higher. Prices would not include shipping, and are subject to change.

    One final comment: It seems these days that there are probably almost as many promotional videos as there are amusement/theme parks. Many major parks issue something on video - whether it's just a front seat ride on the park's coasters, sniplets of every attraction in the park, or a complete history and in-depth looks at various features of the park. We will attempt to list these as we learn of their existence.

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