Coaster Enthusuasts of Canada

Club Information

The CEC is no longer active as a club. This is due to
the long distances between members in Canada resulting
in great difficulty getting enough persons together for
meetings or events without unreasonable travel costs.

Consequently, requests for membership or endorsements
are not being accepted nor will they in the future.

    The CEC began in 1989 as a non-profit organisation of persons that were interested in Amusement and Theme Parks, Carnivals, and World's & Other Fairs. This interest extended to their construction, history and day-to-day running. The rides were the particular interest of this group, especially roller coasters. This included their history, manufacturers and construction, plus the collecting of photos, brochures, postcards, books, and videos. Many of the latter remain in the CEC archives.

    During the club's existence, yearly trips called "Scare-Me Tours" were undertaken to Canadian and American cities to visit their parks and ride the best coasters. Numbers of coasters ridden on each trip ranged from 15 to 40. Non-coaster events included aquarium shows, laser shows, ice shows, live revues, fireworks displays, jungle safaris and other things a modern amusement or theme park might offer. On free days, nearby live theatre, planetariums, museums, restaurants, night clubs, and shopping malls were enjoyed.

    Methods of transportation were by private plane, as several of the members and acquaintances had pilot's licences. However, trips and tours also occured by car, bus, train, and commercial aircraft. Members in the planned-for cities were contacted whereupon they and their friends were invited to join the core tour group on their escapades.

Although the club does not now exist, as a legacy, this
website will continue to be a resource and a reference.

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